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Coupons: Where the heck are they?

August 20, 2009

There’s a number of online coupon sources that you can check for coupons.  I have listed a few below: – A coupon site that loads coupons directly onto grocery cards. partners with Safeway, Dillons, Fry’s, Kroger’s, Ralph’s, Von’s, and many more.  Check here to see which stores are in your area. – This site offers printable coupons.  You enter in your zip code and you can view available coupons in your area.  This site often offers special coupons for Rite-Aid. – You probably recognize the name because SmartSource also does an insert in your Sunday paper.  SmartSource offers printable coupons and you can enter your zip code for even more offers in your area. – Another recognizable name in the coupon industry – the other primary insert in your Sunday paper.

These sites will get you a great start in building up your coupon stash.  Please remember my advice to not get too crazy with the printing though – only print those coupons that you need and will use.  Happy printing!

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