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Pampers: Gifts to Grow Program

August 21, 2009

Gifts to Grow

Gifts to Grow is a Pampers program that rewards you for buying Pampers products – and let’s be serious, if you’re a mom, chances are good that you are buying a lot of diapers and wipes.  First, just register with  Next, enter in the code that is found on each Pampers product.  Finally, redeem those points for rewards.  The larger package you buy means more points.  A single package of wipes is worth 0.5 points, so if you buy the 7 refill box, like I do, it’s worth a total of 3.5 points.  Diapers are worth even more.  Rewards start at 40 points.  Go check your packages now to find the codes and enter them online.  The first day I signed up, I entered in close to 10 codes because of all the packages that I already had.  Now when I come home from the store, the first thing I do is take each package to the computer, log on, and enter in my codes.  Hey, we have to buy these things anyways – might as well get something out of it right?

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