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Five Easy Ways to Make and Save Money Using the Internet

March 9, 2010

#1 Coupon Resources

Coupons are money in your pocket and should be taken advantage of. There are some serious misconceptions about using coupons out there including that you are causing the store to lose money or are “stealing from the store”. This is completely false. Stores send the coupons they receive to the manufacturer that issued the coupon and receive full reimbursement plus a handling fee. Don’t ever feel ashamed or embarrassed for using a coupon. If the manufacturer didn’t want you using coupons that wouldn’t make them available. There are many different sites with coupons available for printing including:,, and Other sites to sign up for are, and Also, don’t forget to check out your local Sunday paper for the coupon inserts.


The next easiest way is to sign up with companies that reward the user points for clicking on links in e-mails that get sent out. My favorite of these is Other sites include, SendEarnings, Panda Research and Reward Port. These sites also offer a variety of point earning opportunities through surveys, games, shopping etc. A bonus is that for every coupon you print and redeem from their site (they use and you will receive 10 points. As a bonus, if you redeem more than 10 coupons in a month (easy for us that use a lot of coupons) – you will receive a bonus 25 points.

Payout Levels: 1,500 Points = $10 Red Lobster/Olive Garden Gift Card, Kohls, JCPenney, etc or
3,850 Points = $25 Gift Cert.* Claim Code
Inbox Dollars: Once you earn $30 you can request a check. ($5 Sign up bonus)
Send Earnings: Once you earn $30 you can request a check. ($5 Sign up bonus)
Panda Research: Once you earn $50 you can request a check. ($3 sign up bonus)
Reward Port: 4500 points = $10 Amazon Gift Card

#3 ExpoTV

This is an interesting and fun way to make money. If you have a video camera or a camera that takes video – you’re in luck! ExpoTV rewards users for uploading video product reviews. I have reviewed everything from toys to food. I have also received full sized products to try out – what a bonus! Videos need to be a minute or more in length and under 100 MB for successful upload. Assignment values are between 300 and 5000 points – it just depends. The first video you upload will reward you with 500 points which is just about a $5 Amazon e-Certificate. Take a look and try it out – I love this site!

#4 Survey Sites

1 – Opinion Outpost:

Pros: This survey site consistently sends surveys on a daily basis. The payout is significantly better than other sites.  Points are awarded and can be redeemed for cash or Amazon gift cards.  10 points = $1 so it is very simple to understand.  Most surveys I receive are for 15 points or $1.50 and take between 10-20 minutes to complete.  I have done surveys worth 40 points on occasion and these take 30 minutes or so to complete.  Site is easy to  navigate and understand.  If you don’t qualify for a survey you can spin the wheel for an opportunity to win $50.  I’ve spun that wheel many a time but no win yet for me.

Cons: Qualifying for surveys can be frustrating.  I personally qualify for about 50% of surveys offered to me.  The first time I redeemed my points I noticed an immediate drop-off in the number of surveys I received.  This could be coincidental but it definitely happened.  In the past two months the number of surveys has picked back up but has not reached it’s former number as of yet.

2 – Pinecone Research:

I didn’t rank this number one because it is difficult to get accepted.  Apply when they have openings and keep trying. I applied 7-8 times before finally being accepted.  Worth it though.  Pinecone Research pays a flat $3 for survey paid via check or PayPal.

3 –Lightspeed Consumer Panel:

I receive at least 1 survey opportunity every day – most of the time I receive 2-3.  Points are typically awarded in the following increments: 75, 150, and 300.  A 75 point survey can be anywhere from 10-25 minutes and a 300 point survey is typically 30-40 minutes in length.  575 points can be redeemed for $5 from PayPal and 550 points for a $5 Amazon e-Certificate.

#5 Following blogs devoted to finding the best deals for YOU!

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